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Geysers of Subconsciousness

"Geysers of Subconsciousness"

"The International Centre of Arts by Andrei Nekrasov" presents: 
The International Vanguard-Surrealistic-Esoteric Art Project 
"Geysers of Subconsciousness". 

"Geysers of Subconsciousness" ("Гейзеры Подсознания") - the world known Vanguard-Surrealistic-Esoteric Art Project, is held regularly since 2007 in the central galleries and exhibition halls of Moscow, Russia 
(Contemporary Art Center WINZAVOD, "Gallery on Solyanka", Art Space "Plum Palm", "Gallery A3"), brought together more than a 100 artists surrealists, vanguards, esoterics, symbolists, mystics and abstractionists from Moscow, different cities of Russia, CIS, Germany, USA, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Ireland, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Mexico, Serbia, Poland, Greece, France and other countries.

Author and organizer of the Art Project, Andrei Nekrasov - the world famous popularizer of Surrealism in Russia and abroad, "the most shocking and iconic artist and gallery owner of the Moscow underground", artist-surrealist-esoteric, President of the International Centre of Arts by Andrei Nekrasov ("MCIAN"), he affects not only the non-traditional fans of modern art, but also of its representatives his extravagant and extraordinary Shares and Projects.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Art Project "Geysers of Subconsciousness" - is proof that present Modern Art will not evaporate, do not run out of steam, but on the contrary, it is alive and well, but forced to remain underground.

Therefore, the opening of the regular "Geysers" - is always a welcome event!
This is an unforgettable holiday, enchanting mystery, merging different styles and trends, and peaceful coexistence disparate worldviews.
Art Project "Geysers of Subconsciousness" - is an amazing meeting with artists and musicians, poets and actors, scientists and psychics.
Only here, at "Geysers of Subconsciousness" you understand: the loss of modern humanity spirituality, morality, culture and understanding - a myth imposed on us from below.

In addition to familiarity with the artworks of such world famous artists as Jaroslaw Kukowski, Otto Rapp, Larkin, sculptor Gregory Pototsky, Santiago Ribeiro, Alexander Gidulyanov, Yuri Tsvetaev, Rinat Baibekov, Willi Melnikov, Shahla Rossa and others, which have long become an integral part of the exhibition Art projects by Andrei Nekrasov, visitors' Geysers of Subconsciousness" every time discover for yourself new names.
This credo Andrei Nekrasov - to enable beginners to talented artists to exhibit their works side by side with the works of leading figures of contemporary art.
Who knows, perhaps, exactly with the participation in the "Geysers" will begin their ascent to the Art-welkin of the XXI century?!


That's what Andrei Nekrasov includes in the name of his Art Project:

"Energy-information field of the earth that holds the information about our past, present and future has many names. 
Some call it the Absolute, Other Casual World, third by Akasha, fourth Global subconscious. 
It represents the Great Ocean of Wisdom, whose waves wash everyone and everything in the universe. 
Any, even the smallest, living creature, knowing about it or not, throughout its existence is inextricably in day and night in contact with him. 
Especially people. And moreover, a creative person. Creating works of art,he, absorbed in a whirlwind of inspiration, 
draws information from the Energy information field of the Earth, from the Global subconscious which like a geyser, splashed on the surface of our material Being, and the becomes available public view.
The Project "Geysers of Subconsciousness" - this is the dozens talented and extraordinary with a capital letter of creative persons. Each of which is bright and powerful geyser. Not only is Global, but also his own subconscious mind! "